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General Contractor

Commercial and industrial construction contractors ensuring the job gets done on time and on budget. 

Project Management

We manage the project from its beginning all the way to the final product, letting you focus on your company goals while we bring your vision to life. 

Design Build

We take your ideas and bring them to life to create the end product to match your vision. 



Who we are

Van Boxmeer construction Company Ltd. Is a family owned and operated business that has been in operation for over 50 years.  We specialize in Commercial and Institutional Construction preferring to work on projects that allow us to be involved not only construction management, but also in the actual construction itself to ensure quality products. The business is operated by the second generation of the Van Boxmeer family: Harry, Jack and Chris Van Boxmeer. As a family run business, we are committed to producing a product that will proudly represent both our company and family name.


Where we come from


Van Boxmeer Construction began with the immigration of two brothers, Louis and Harry Van Boxmeer in 1954. Upon arriving in Canada from Holland, they found work in the construction industry as trim contractors with Suzuki Home Builders.  They progressed to building houses throughout the London area and by 1959, started taking on commercial projects. On May 16, 1966 Van Boxmeer Construction Co. was officially created and the next few years were spent growing the business and building the shop and office still located in Lucan, ON.  Eventually, both brothers brought their children in to learn the business and in 1998 Harry and Louis sold the company to the second generation of Van Boxmeer`s:  Louis’ son Jack and Harry’s sons Chris and Harry Jr.  The second generation has worked to further expand the business through design build projects and project management while continuing to be personally involved in every aspect of each construction project. We strive to maintain a satisfied clientele and have had many of the same clients for over twenty years. 



Year Established


Major Projects Completed



City of London Projects

We have completed many small to medium sized projects for the City of London, including: * Repairs and renovations to some of London's historical sites: Eldon House, Elsie Perrin Estate, Flint Cottage * Repairs and renovations to London arenas: Nichols, Argyle, Carling, Oakridge, Silverwoods * Repairs and renovations to City of London municipal buildings: Exeter Road Operations, Greenway Pollution * Repairs and renovations to local parks and community centres: Springbank, Victoria Park, Art Gallery, Gibbons Park,


Elevator Projects

Over the years, we have become a contractor of choice when adding elevators to private or public buildings. Some of our completed installations include: * Churches: St Judes Aglican, Chalmers Prepyterian, St Andres, St Michael All Angels, Empress United, Abundant Life * Residences: Cavendish House, Alvinston Apartments, Hensall Seniors Apartments, Kain Residence, Parkview Apartments * Arenas: Lucan, Ilderton, Alvinston


Project Photographs





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519-227-4747 or fill out the following form.

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Head Office

13466 Elginfield Road

Lucan,ON Candada CA N0M 2J0

Tel: 519-227-4747

Fax: 519-227-1389


To apply for a job with Van Boxmeer Construction please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to:

Get a quote: 519-227-4747

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